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Professional campaign software designed by campaign professionals.


ElectTrac is a user-friendly customizable tool designed to aid in the management of political campaigns from beginning to end.

Fully customizable, ElectTrac gives you cutting edge tools to Recruit, Research, Run and Win campaigns. Track hundreds of candidates and races from one easy-to-use online portal.

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Why ElectTrac?

Created for campaign professionals by a team of seasoned campaign experts, ElectTrac is the first political software to put all the information you need in one place. From the smallest school board race to a multimillion dollar senate campaign – we help you win.

What is ElectTrac?

Research, fundraising, field and outreach all in one easy to use online application – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ElectTrac centralizes all your campaign data and materials for every race, forever.

Who uses ElectTrac?

Progressive party leadership, progressive caucus leaderships and progressive campaign teams who want to win now and win a decade from now.



Identifying and tracking high quality candidates is the first step toward winning. Why are you still relying on spreadsheets and sticky notes? ElectTrac keeps comprehensive records of all recruits and recruitment calls. The next great candidate is just one mouse click away.



Every election state parties, caucuses and interest groups spend hundreds of thousands on research, only to do it again the next cycle. ElectTrac automates research, saving organizations time and money. Effortlessly set up automated searches to track and archive on-point news articles, Facebook and Twitter feeds, key legislative votes, finances, and district demographics. ElectTrac puts years of research in one easily searchable, sortable online solution.



The candidates have been recruited, the research has been reviewed, time to run the race. ElectTrac's campaign desktop gives you the tools to manage one race or a thousand races.

  • Coordinate staff and consultants for multiple campaigns with one interface;
  • Create and assign new tasks, track progress, send reminders, and calendar critical events;
  • Upload, review, edit and archive campaign plans, finance plans, media plans and more;
  • Upload, track and review direct mail, TV spots, social media campaigns and phone scripts;
  • Track press contacts and send out press releases;
  • Monitor media, Facebook, and Twitter.

ElectTrac is mission control for organizations tasked with oversight of multiple races in multiple locations.



From recruitment to research to running the campaign, ElectTrac offers the tools you need to win today and keep winning in the future. The secure online portal means critical campaign information is available anytime, from any computer, from any location. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface will streamline your campaign operations, saving time, saving money, and generating success. The comprehensive archiving and reporting function gives campaign professionals tools to effectively evaluate past successes and failures. ElectTrac puts everything you need to win elections at your fingertips.

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